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Sport Psychology

Keeping the Mental Edge

Do you train your brain as hard as you do your tennis shot? Your golf swing? Your swim stroke? Your race pace? It is critical to align your mind with your body – to train your brain to work with your physical skills – and be confident that you are just as tough mentally as you are physically. When you show up to play your preferred sport, chances are you are physically ready but most of the time, you have not prepared yourself mentally to take on the pressure that comes with momentous pressure.

Dr Eiring’s philosophy is based on her psychology practice and experience with athletes from all levels — elite professionals to high school. Prior to returning to private practice, Dr. Eiring was hired as the first Director of Clinical and Sport Psychology for the University of Wisconsin Badgers where she helped start a mental health and performance psychology program for badger athletes. There is a growing awareness that athletes at any level have many demands and pressures and it is essential to provide support for them as they train and compete.

Learn how to bring awareness to these triggers and realign to play your game at another level.

• Individual sessions
• Team consulting
• Community talks/speaking engagements
• Mindfulness classes/workshops

Topics that can be addressed:
• Performance anxiety
• Mindfulness
• Self talk and thought management
• Recovery from injury
• Improve focus and concentration

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