Providing Tools & Techniques in Enhancing A Growth Mindset

Meet Dr Kris

My psychology practice is diverse and I enjoy working with people for many reasons. I offer individual and group services and also consult with athletic teams and business organizations on topics of mindfulness, mind management and confidence building.

I am the former Director of Clinical and Sport Psychology for the University of Wisconsin Badgers. In this role I helped to create a mental and health and performance psychology for the Wisconsin athletes. As a former Wisconsin runner, this was a dream fulfilled for me as I believe in supporting athletes and their mental health needs.

I also really enjoy working with adults going through career transitions. Sometimes we underestimate how much our identity is about what we “do” and when this changes or stops we might experience a sense of grieving or stress. Growing through challenges is the key. As the great Maya Angelou once said:


“I want to thrive while I am here not merely survive.”


My sport psychology services for athletes include addressing coping with injuries and the rehabilitation process, managing performance anxiety and becoming stronger both mentally and emotionally. I have worked with athletes of all levels and various sports, including endurance training and competitions, swimming, track, basketball, hockey, golf and tennis.

Of special interest to me is teaching my clients, including athletes, to use mental skills to help with their performance or simply to improve one’s quality of life. I have learned through years of practice that our mind is strong and we can build skills to help manage our focus and attitudes to help us cope with the many changes we all experience in life. Examples of coping skills I teach clients include concentration, meditation, goal setting, self-talk or how to “coach” oneself through times of anxiety or stress. The end goal is for each person to listen to their own inner wisdom and set goals to make changes.

I generally work with teens and adults, including college and university students; there are times I will see adolescents who are having sport, disability or grief issues.

For many years I have been in private practice and in an academic faculty role at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. I enjoy the combination of teaching and practice.


Learn How to Use Yours

Athletes of all levels seek tools and information to help build a stronger mental game and to become more emotionally resilient, in order to gain a competitive edge and have peak performance moments.

In this book, you will learn:

  • The meaning and benefits of mindfulness
  • The application of mindfulness, along with other mental tools, within your sport
  • Mindfully recovering after practices and performances

Many sport psychology books and workbooks provide a basic outline of various mental skills that athletes can use to help their performance. However, this book is different because it links mental skills with the concept of mindfulness.

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