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I also really enjoy working with adults going through career transitions. Sometimes we underestimate how much our identity is about what we “do” and when this changes or stops we might experience a sense of grieving or stress. Growing through challenges is the key.

Success whether it be in sports or business requires a combination of ability and internal qualities or attributes that have been found to contribute to high levels of achievement, so whether playing golf or running a multi-million dollar organization. These qualities include assertiveness, leadership ability, ability to make decisions, ability to take risks, sound judgment, drive and the like. Skills are not enough.

Just like in sports, there is often a disconnect between potential and performance seen in business environments. Coaching principles can be used to help business people meet their own—and their organizations’—expectations.

Coaching can help business people see themselves as top performers, not just as business people. The takeaway is, whether it’s sports or business—or, for that matter, medicine, surgery, law—all types of performance require fundamentally the same things.

The types of issues  seen typically involve intra-team conflict, poor productivity attributable to an inability to focus effectively, loss of enjoyment attributable to stress and lowered productivity.


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Athletes of all levels seek tools and information to help build a stronger mental game and to become more emotionally resilient, in order to gain a competitive edge and have peak performance moments.

In this book, you will learn:

  • The meaning and benefits of mindfulness
  • The application of mindfulness, along with other mental tools, within your sport
  • Mindfully recovering after practices and performances

Many sport psychology books and workbooks provide a basic outline of various mental skills that athletes can use to help their performance. However, this book is different because it links mental skills with the concept of mindfulness.

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Awareness is your most important mental tool.

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