6 Reasons Social Support Helps You Win

Social support is beneficial to everyone. Whether it’s at work, in a social setting, at home, or in a volunteer capacity, social support helps people thrive and succeed. This support means you have someone you can turn to. Someone you can call and speak with. Someone you can rely on when you need support at any stage in your life whether it’s good or bad. Social support is an imperative key to success, and it’s difficult to make it through many of the situations life presents you with when you do not feel supported by those around you.

Finding a healthy support system makes a difference in your life. These are people you surround yourself with people who want to see you succeed. They cheer you on in good times and bad, and they always have your back even when times are tough. These are the people you can rely on to be there for you, to have your best interests at heart, and who always support your success. Sometimes people refer to their social support system as their tribe. Find your tribe in people who celebrate you.

Different Types of Social Support

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Social support is broken down into four very distinct categories. It’s impossible to define support in one small category. It’s different on every occasion. Support is found in many forms, and it’s whatever helps in any given situation. However, these are the four most important types of social support you can offer or receive.

Tangible Support

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Tangible is defined as something you can see with your eye and touch with your hands. It’s something that is physically present. Tangible support is the kind of support you can see. It’s a person who cooks you dinner and brings it to your home when you welcome a new baby. It’s the support you receive when you lose a loved one, and people bring gifts. It’s someone who helps in a way that helps alleviate the responsibilities you have to make your life that much easier. Tangible support is actively supporting another person when they need you the most.

Emotional Support

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Emotional support is physical support with an emotional twist. It’s hugging someone who needs the physical closeness of another in a difficult time. It’s taking the hand of a small child to help them walk into class on their first day of school. It’s comfort in a physical way, but it’s also a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on. When you emotionally support someone, you are there for them to listen, to hug them, and to support them with your actions, touch, and your words.

Informational Support

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A solid definition of informational support is someone who gives advice that helps in any situation. It’s a mentor who provides you with thoughtful advice for following your dreams. It’s a professor who helps you with your schedule and your work to help you navigate your way through your education. It’s a friend who provides advice when you cannot decide which path to take in life.

Esteem Support

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This is an important type of support for everyone. You must have the confidence to succeed. Esteem social support is meant to provide you with confidence when you need it the most. This occurs when you point out strengths in others to them or when others help you see your own strengths. This is someone who sees the good in you and helps you see the good in yourself in return.

Importance of Social Support

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Social support is about more than having people cheer you on in life. Experts in the mental health industry believe having a strong support group helps minimize your risk of suffering from depression and other mental health issues. Loneliness is dangerous and lacking a support system makes loneliness a real problem.

Loneliness is a leading cause of health issues other than depression, too. When you lack support from people who love you and want to see you succeed, you are more likely to suffer from alcoholism, altered brain function, and cardiovascular disease. Social support is important because having people cheer you on provides you with the confidence you need to succeed. However, it’s also important because it affects your health.

Supportive people provide you with a well-rounded ability to get through life. They allow you to cry when your life isn’t going as planned, but they make you laugh, too. They help you feel better when you feel low just as much as they help you feel even better on a good day. Social support is the most important type of support you can have, and it’s the most important type of support you can provide to others.

6 Reasons It Helps You Win

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Social support helps you win in life and the list of reasons why is long. If you’re not sure how your friends, family, and even your coworkers are helping you win at life, you must take into consideration the following reasons you’re winning with them in your corner.

Support Minimizes Stress

Coping with stress is rarely enjoyable, but a positive support system makes it easier. Having a group of people who make you feel better about life helps you see your own capabilities, which helps you better deal with stress. When you better deal with stress, you’re less likely to suffer from health issues. You’re healthier, your immune system is stronger, and you have more confidence.

Support Motivates You

Your friends, family, and co-workers motivate you to be a better person, to do well, and to succeed. Your friends and family are the people who cheer you on when you make a goal and work to achieve it. For example, think of a friend who helps you find accountability when you’re working out to lose weight. This friend sends you healthy recipes, works out with you, and asks you how it’s going. Another example of support motivation is all the people in your life who are there for you to provide a distraction when you try to quit a bad habit such as smoking. They help motivate you by telling you they’re proud of you, by offering tips, and by keeping you busy.

Support Encourages You

When someone is standing in your corner cheering you on in any capacity, you automatically feel encouraged and better. Whether you’re succeeding already or you’re floundering in some way, the people who are there for you encourage you to do well. You can pick up the phone and call someone for encouragement. You can go out with friends and come home feeling more encouraged. Encouragement is so important, and a good social support system helps you find the encouragement you need.

Support Helps You Make Positive Life Changes

Living a healthier, happier, more positive life is always welcome. A positive support system can help you with that. The people you spend time with are the people you are the most like. By finding people who are good, happy, healthy people, you help yourself change into a more positive person. You adopt their good habits. You pick up their positive energy. You want to be more like them because you admire them, and that can help you make some of the most positive changes in your life.

Support Makes You Healthier

You lower your risk of loneliness and depression, and that makes your overall health much more positive. You’re less likely to suffer from a weakened immune system. You’re less likely to suffer from health issues. You’re more likely to work out, to pay attention to what you eat, and to live a life without as much stress. When you have a positive support system in your life, you are a healthier person as a result.

Support Makes You Happier

It’s difficult to be unhappy when you’re surrounded by people who make you feel good. Their encouragement and support make you feel good. Their friendship makes you laugh. You go on adventures; you make memories, and you have fun with them. You’re healthier, happier, more motivated, and more successful as a whole thanks to the people you spend the most time with, and that makes you a happier person. Finally, spending time with a healthy support system makes you a more supportive friend, and that helps you feel better on the inside. There is no way to lose in life when you have a healthy support system in your corner.


Social support helps you win at life when you receive it just as much as when you give it. Giving is one of the most beautiful things you can do for someone and providing social support is one of the best things you can give. You can help yourself succeed in life by surrounding yourself with people who support you, and you can return the favor by being a supportive friend in return. Social support is a prime example of the cardinal rule. By treating others how you want to be treated, you bring more support and confidence to your own life.

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