5 Types of Motivation

Have you ever wondered what makes certain people successful? Maybe you've looked at your CFO who gets to travel on a monthly basis and want to be there one day. Maybe you've looked at a girl from your high school who is more athletic than she ever has been. Maybe your fraternity brother has financed a home while you are eating hot dogs and ramen in … [Read more...]

Lost a Game? Learn About Dealing with Anger

Whether it’s Monopoly, bowling or checkers, we’ve all played a game against a sore loser. Or maybe, even if you don’t want to admit it, you’re the sore loser! While I’m sure,you’ve said or heard the phrase “It’s just a game,” that doesn’t make the sting of losing any less painful. But this begs the question: Why do we get so angry over losing? And … [Read more...]