7 Reasons Why Having A Positive Body Image Goes A Long Way

Social media is flooded with images of apparently perfect celebrities with flawless bodies and unblemished faces. That can leave you feeling flawed and helpless as you struggle to accept yourself and enhance your body image. Body image may be positive or negative depending on how you think about your body. A person with a positive body image feels … [Read more...]

4 Ways Microaggressions Can Be Dangerous to Someone

Unlike overt racism and discrimination, microaggressions are difficult to spot; although these subtle acts all stem from one thing: They target racial minorities, women, non-mainstream sexual orientation, and other marginalized groups. These include people of lower socio-economic class, students with poor academic performance, or anyone who can be … [Read more...]

Understanding Light Switch Mentality

Light switch mentality refers to the physiological process of getting in the zone when one needs most to focus. This rarely happens. Athletes especially try to tell themselves they’ll be ready for game day when it comes around, instead of preparing by mentally and physically practicing proper technique and form. When game day comes around, and they … [Read more...]

6 Reasons Social Support Helps You Win

Social support is beneficial to everyone. Whether it’s at work, in a social setting, at home, or in a volunteer capacity, social support helps people thrive and succeed. This support means you have someone you can turn to. Someone you can call and speak with. Someone you can rely on when you need support at any stage in your life whether it’s good … [Read more...]

Why Do We Need Sleep: 6 Dangerous Symptoms Of Sleep Deprivation

Sleep is not just a fun way to relax; it’s necessary for our health and wellbeing. Sleep deprivation isn’t a problem you take lightly. It can affect your mood, your safety, and your health. Why do we need sleep? We need sleep to ensure our bodies are able to rest. This is the rest that builds the immune system, sharpens the mind, and provides … [Read more...]

Psychology of Fear: Our Complete Beginners Guide

Sometimes when we consider what negative feelings we have, we would love to eliminate from life once and for all. The number one thing that comes to mind is fear. Fear is a very uncomfortable emotion, and when we're experiencing, it can mentally cripple us. A life with no fear sounds really great in theory! After all, imagine what you could … [Read more...]