Sport Specific

Sport psychology is the application of mental skills to sport. Most athletes already know that the mental side of sport can be very important in training and competing. Learn how to get the mental edge to improve your game.


  • Individual sessions
  • Team consulting
  • Community talks
  • Mindfulness classes

Topics that can be addressed:

  • Performance anxiety
  • Mindfulness
  • Self talk and thought management
  • Recovery from injury
  • Improve focus and concentration


Dr. Eiring and Colleen M. Hathaway have released the book, Mindfulness, Sport Psychology and Athletes: Consider Awareness Your Most Important Mental Tool, centered around her Sport Psychology practice. Read an excerpt here:

This workbook is for athletes who want to build a mental practice as part of their overall training program. Many athletes understand that the mental aspects of training and competing are just as important as the physical aspects. The concepts in this workbook are designed for all athletes and it is written in a way that you can use it for building your own individualized mental training program as it relates to your sport.”

Here is what you will learn from the manual:

  • What is mindfulness and how will it benefit me
  • How to use mindfulness with sport psychology tools
  • Mindful recovery following practices and performance

What percent of your game is mental?
Maybe as much as 90%

The information in this manual is on the cutting edge of sport psychology because mindfulness is the key factor for a successful mental program. Many sport psychology books and workbooks provide a basic outline of various mental skills that athletes can use to help their performance, but this manual is different because it links mental skills with the concept of mindfulness. The basic idea contained in this workbook is simple- you can only change habits with awareness and mindfulness is a practice based in the concept of awareness. Through this program, an athlete can learn the skill of awareness, which is the tool that allows quick mental decisions to be made that drastically change a thought process. The end result of a new thought process is enhanced athletic performance. Mindfulness is a powerful vehicle for change because it brings the athlete to the only moment of importance- the present moment.

The first step to change is AWARENESS.